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MotiVe is a real Gamechanger. We specialise in Golf & Life Coaching. We challenge the status quo & love helping our clients solve their problems fast!!

Seeing. Learning. Exploring. Playing. Discovering.

At  MotiVeour unique approach changes our clients perspective. We guide them to find New Ways to Achieve Better Results.

About Kris

Kris Barkway is a true magician in every sense of the word. He is not your typical Golf Professional, being the real-life person behind the character Steve Addington in the best-selling metaphysical book, The Magician's Way.

The first chapter, The Magic Golf Lesson, is based on the real golf lessons that Kris gave to the books author William Whitecloud.

As a world-renowned intuitive coach, Kris also has written his own book outlining the steps he takes students through in his lessons. This book is called The New Golf Paradigm.

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What clients say